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Our company has been repairing cars since 2010. Currently, we offer mobile and fixed battery service for Toyota Prius, Auris, Yaris, Camry and Lexus. We also perform periodic reviews of the HV battery to prevent failure while driving and significantly extend its factory life. Our service is based on many years of experience, training and professional technical and workshop facilities. We have the powers required by law.

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Toyota battery repair

Offer: HV Toyota Yaris, Toyota Prius, Toyota Auris or Toyota Camry


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Lexus battery repair

Offer: Lexus GS battery HV, Lexus CT battery HV i Lexus IS battery HV

Hybrid battery failure

SYMPTOMS OF HYBRID BATTERY FAILURE are most often communicated by the car’s computer with the following errors:

Additionally, we can see a red triangle, which may be accompanied by continuous operation of the battery cooling unit and the inability to drive in EV mode.

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Advice of specialists

We strongly recommend that you do not drive with an error message or delete it without carefully analyzing the cause. This can cause irreparable damage to the HV battery or other HV system components, jamming the vehicle and preventing the engine from starting.

We perform failure diagnostics and repairs at the place indicated by you, provided that the conditions are appropriate. When it is impossible, we replace your battery
with ours, after full repair.

The service is covered by a 12-month written guarantee

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repair of hybrid batteries

Hybrid cars, especially Japanese ones, are considered to be very economical, quiet and virtually trouble-free. For this reason, they are more and more often found on roads, also in our country. The hybrid drive is distinguished by the presence of an additional, smaller electric motor. Its task is to support the combustion engine while driving at low speed. It gets energy from a special battery, which is the HV battery. It is usually placed in the trunk or under the seat. As with other types of batteries, the capacity gradually decreases with the number of charge and discharge cycles until it reaches a critical level. Then the warning "check VSC system" should appear on the car dashboard. The occurrence of such a message means that you need to go to a car service as soon as possible to replace or regenerate hybrid batteries.

What is an HV battery and is it profitable to replace it?

HV stands for High Voltage. It consists of several dozen or even hundreds of individual cells, connected into modules that together form a traction battery. The design varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and is influenced by factors such as energy density, cooling properties, and heat dissipation. An HV battery is a device used to store electrochemical energy to power the electric motor. Unfortunately, such batteries also wear out with time, and the message "check hybrid system" is a sign that they need to be replaced or repaired. A few years ago, the cost of a new HV battery was even several thousand zlotys. Today prices are lower, but replacement is not the best solution at all. The problem is that current stillness affects the battery life, and can even be more debilitating than intensive use. When buying a new, and especially a used, battery, we cannot be sure how long it has been idle, losing its capacity. Moreover, the warning "check VSC system" may appear at the moment when the decrease in capacity is not very large, and battery repair is enough to improve performance. It is also a much cheaper solution.

What is hybrid battery repair?

Not only long-term, several-day downtime has a negative impact on the batteries of hybrid cars. Another factor is unfavorable weather conditions, especially high temperatures. Short circuits in the electrical system or flooding can lead to complete damage. When buying a used car with such an engine, we risk that the HV battery has been misused or exposed to harmful factors, and its parameters have dropped significantly. Fortunately, that doesn't mean you have to replace the entire battery yet. In most cases, it is enough to regenerate hybrid batteries. This process takes place in several stages. First, the device is taken apart and then the capacity of all cells is checked. Those dropped below a certain level should be replaced. The cost of a single cell is approximately PLN 150. Therefore, the repair of hybrid batteries pays off especially in the case of those composed of fewer cells. Of course, it also matters how many of them are used up. For cars with high mileage, this number will be greater. Therefore, it is worth doing regular inspections, even before the appearance of the "check hybrid system" message. This will allow you to extend the service life and also minimize the costs associated with excessive battery consumption. The service should be covered by a multi- month warranty.

How to respond to the "check VSC system" message?

When this message comes on, it means that the battery is low or not charged at all. It usually occurs when the battery is damaged or depleted. In this case, stop driving as soon as possible and pull over to the side of the road before the power fails and the engine shuts down. Fortunately, replacement or repair of hybrid batteries are services that are offered by more and more car services. Many of them also provide access to the site of the incident and thorough analysis that will allow to exclude more serious failures. In this case, you do not need to take corrective action immediately. On the other hand, the "check hybrid system" message should not be disregarded under any circumstances, because it may result in serious consequences, posing a threat to the vehicle and its passengers. Why is it worth using our website? We have experience in this type of repairs, and the service is covered by a one-year warranty, regardless of the mileage of the car during this period. We specialize in hybrids of Toyota and Lexus brands, about which we have comprehensive knowledge. However, the repair of hybrid batteries not only in these cars will be carried out by us in a fully professional manner.